WordPress Intranet

We recommend WordPress as an Intranet Tool since:

  • WordPress is open source hence there are no expensive licenses or software maintenance fees to pay
  • Easy to use, quick to deploy and our Intranet sites looks great
  • Quicker return on investment
  • WordPress is the world’s fastest growing content management system and powers over 19% of the world’s website

A well designed WordPress Intranet can empower member of your organisation to better do their job by giving them quick, secure access to accurate, relevant knowledge and information.

We know an intranet designed, managed and used in the correct way can not only enhance your employees working life and reduce risk to the business but also assist in growing your business and increasing profits.

In order to get the most out of your intranet, we would work with you to learn about your organisation, how the intranet is currently used (if you have one) and then offer detailed reports and a strategy to help take your intranet forward.

Developing a new intranet

You may need to look at the practical implications and necessity of introducing a WordPress intranet to your organisation. We can help you gather requirements, look at the purpose of your intranet, how it could enhance your business and also see how it can help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Working with you and your organisation, we can provide detailed reports and plans on the steps you need to take to deliver a truly business critical tool.

Intranet review
We have had great success in helping clients review their existing intranet and have offered many improvement suggestions that have had a marked effect on their operation. You may require a full overhaul of the intranet, work on a new section or updating of an older area or recommendations on integration after a company merger, multiple intranets merger or a new ‘one stop shop’ system to consolidate disparate information silos and knowledge sources. You may want advice on the purpose or redirection of your intranet to get the most out of the it, adding elements such as workflow, house style, user acceptance or multi system access. Improving and refocusing what you already have can be a cost effective way to get the best results.

Intranet design / style guidelines / usability / brand & identity
A well designed, external facing website that promotes brand, identity and the company ethos is well understood and accepted as a necessity. It is imperative that this message is also promoted internally but not all businesses place the same emphasis on internal promotion. If the WordPress intranet does not reflect the corporate identity and message, how can we expect our employees to do the same to our clients? A well designed, intuitive intranet not only assists employees in doing their job better but also reaffirms the corporate message and contributes to a happier, more productive workforce.

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